The object of the project was the redesign of a 75m2 space in the center of Patras with the aim of creating a modern professional roof. The renovation of the space was done with the aim of meeting the needs of the business both aesthetically and functionally. A modern design approach the spirit was based on the feeling of discreet luxury with the use of high quality features in materials and construction. White, gray and beige are the basic colors of the space and harmonize with the special constructions of the furniture, which were precisely designed to adapt to the space. An important detail is the choice of the right materials and textures, which complement the color palette and create a sense of comfort and peace. Particular emphasis is placed on artificial lighting, which is seen both in vertical elements and as hidden lighting, complementing the flows of movement and giving dynamism to the spaces.

(Study and Management of Architectural and Electromechanical Installations, Project Management)


The objective of the project was the redevelopment of an existing office/industrial building with a total surface of 1.085,94 sq.m. The building is on a prominent location and is easily noticed from major transit points nearby, such as points of movement to and from Aristotelous street and the drivers passing through Glafkos Avenue. The redesign of the façade and the interior of the 35-year-old building aims to contribute to the upgrade of the local landscape and also provide a contemporary office space with a supralocal identity. The upgrade of the building is realized through the redesign of its façades, the creation of new flow paths that follow the fire protection rules and interior configurations that respond to the demands of an open work space. The building is treated as an especially dynamic volume. The prismatic architectural elements of the façade are interchanged with the openings, creating a contrast that is characteristic of a sculptural object. Mounted on the volume are led lighting tapes alternated with thin metallic louvers in order to enhance the dynamic identity of the building.

(Study and Management of Architectural and Electromechanical Installations)


Ground floor Retail Food Store and Ground Floor Food Workshop, in the area of Demenika Patras, with a total area of 200sq.m.. It was radically renovated in 2020, with a complete remodeling of the premises and replacement of the electromechanical installations, in order to meet the current sanitary provisions.

(Design and Supervision of Architectural and Electromechanical Installations, Project Management)


Ground floor Food Retail Store and Ground Floor Food Workshop with Loft, in the area of ​​Mesi Agyia Patras, total area 305sq.m.. It has a facade on both Notara and Kosti Palamas streets. It was radically renovated in 2020, with a complete remodeling of the premises and replacement of the electromechanical installations, in order to meet the current sanitary provisions. The aim was to design a single space that serves the retail as well as the wholesale through two different entrances for the visitors, while at the same time the space of the workshop is present between them. The separation of the retail spaces (butcher-delicatessen) was achieved by the alternation of materials and colors, offering a harmonious whole and a new, modern image.

(Design and Supervision of Architectural and Electromechanical Installations)


Ground floor office building with an area of 300 sq.m. in the industrial area of Patras which was erected during the year 1987 and was completely renovated internally in 2020. Starting from a rectangular shape, 9 new office spaces, 1 conference center and auxiliary spaces were created. With the use of glass partitions, the best lighting of the long and narrow existing building is achieved and with the transparency, a visual unification of the space is given. Externally, the entrance was extended and the surrounding area was modified for its emphasis, since through it and the first zone of the office space is the production zone. Finally, the colors of the building are representative of the company.

(Architectural Management, Study and Management of Static and Electromechanical Installations, Construction)


Ground floor office building of 60sq.m, in the settlement of Temeni, Aigio of the Municipality of Aegialia. The whole structure is characterized by neutral colors that do not disturb the color harmony of the surrounding environment and the traditional settlement of Temeni. The building is leveled with the natural soil to facilitate direct movement to the adjacent garden. The entrance is through a semi-open area at its northwest end. From there, the visitor is led to the main area, where 6 work places of the SOPHIE-TRAVEL travel agency are housed.

(Study and Management of Architectural, Static and Electromechanical Installations)



Two-story office building with a basement and an upper room located on Patron 83 street at the 228a city block of the Korinthos town planning. It was constructed in 2003 with a total area of 4.000m2. It consists of a basement with parking places and archive rooms, the upper two floors with offices and public areas and the terrace which is accessible.

(Topographic/Architectural Mappings, Quality control)


A listed two-story building with a mid-floor and a basement situated at the 55 city block of the Patras town planning. It is a listed monument protected by the Ministry of Enviroment according to the Ministerial Decision 36080/2080/4-5-1988(FEK509Δ/15-07-1988). It is connected to Ermou walkway by a covered walkway with circular pillars and arched openings. With a total area of 1.000 m2 it underwent a radical renovation in 1995 and 2016.

(Study and Application of Fire Safety systems, Topographic/ Architectural Mappings)


It concerns a three-story building with two basements and an upper room of a total area of 1,100 m2 which was constructed in 1987 and was completely renovated. The upgrading of the existing building envelope was achieved through shading elements and great dual-aspect openings for natural light and ventilation. Indoor, a three-story inner courtyard is placed distributing natural light and ventilation to every floor of the building. In addition, the decoration of the green roof and the surrounding space with Greek xerothermic plants helped to upgrade the microclimate of the building.

(Static Study, Energy performance certificate)


Six-story building with a basement and an upper room of a total surface of 4,500 m2 which was constructed in 1997 and underwent a radical renovation with the addition of staircases and elevators, semi-outdoor spaces, green roof, universal reformation of the facades and extension of the entrance.

(Static Study and Management)