Having gained years of experience by monitoring properties of the largest investment companies in real estate in Greece, we carry out technical audits of properties that are useful during the sale or renting, therefore, both the buyer/tenant and the seller/lessor get to know all parameters and exploitation potential as well as relevant commitments for selling or renting the property.

The aforementioned technical audits include activities such as checking the current planning legislation of the property, checking the coincidence to the National Land Registry of Greece, checking the implementation of the building permits documents and the accompanying designs, checking the Ranger Service and the forest maps, checking the commitments to the Archeology Department, checking for expropriations, delineation of seashores and beaches, streams, environmental commitments and easements.


The purpose of a quality control is to evaluate the construction quality and the level of maintenance of every typology and use in terms of building installations. It includes the description of the structural components and the electromechanical installations, the listing of the standard equipment’s important elements, the monitoring of issues regarding passive fire protection and mobility of PWD as well as the evaluation of construction quality and the level of maintenance:

  1. of the building elements such as the bearing structure, filling pieces, vertical and horizontal coverings, framed structures, staircases and special rooms and
  2. of the electrical installations such as of the low or high voltage, the air-conditioning and ventilation installations, elevators, fuel gases, automation and safety systems, means of active fire protection and hydraulic installations’ networks and stations.

The aforementioned listing and evaluation aim to identify important problems/ damages in building installations and to estimate the restoration costs, estimate the lifetime of the standard equipment and to check whether functional certificates and authorization are required.


We undertake, within the framework of current legislation, the whole process for the regulation / legalization of building installations and structures. The activities that are taking place include:

Inspection of the property.

Checking and listing of arbitrages of the property.

Informing the “Principals” for the total sign, the corresponding fees, the different payment methods and the deadlines, the group of illegal housing that the property belongs to and any reduce of fines for specific population groups.

Informing the “Principals” for the required public documentary evidence or aerial photographs of the construction time or time of change of property use.

Collecting the required data for completing and submitting the online application for inclusion in the regulation.

The preparation and the online submission of designs, floor plans, plot, block plan and topographic diagram.

The final composition and submission of the file with the required documents.

If necessary, we are drafting a Structural Design and a Technical Report for electromechanical test, depending on the type, the group or the use of the property to be declared.


Having gained years of experience, our company can support the operating authorization of business and provide all required services for every special purpose.

Consequently, we undertake the complete process of authorization of a business as well as all necessary studies and designs that are required, including the provision for land-use, the composition of the file concerning the fire service, the studies of electromechanical installations and flow diagrams, the environmental impact reports and the study for transport connection of a business.

Our human resources and experience, as well as the excellent knowledge of the legislation give us the opportunity to draft and carry out studies and authorizations at the same time, in order to achieve the optimal solution in optimum time.


The assessment of market (or other) value of properties is required for various reasons such as: i) the determination of a reasonable value, either for the sale or rent of a property, ii) the determination of the investment value of a property, iii) the creditor’s collateral with assets within the framework of financing, and iv) the value assessment of the net position of companies defined by their assets and the properties they dispose of in their portfolio.

Our company carries out certified studies for assessment of the market value and market leasing of different properties, following the moral and professional standards and the methods specified in the Code of Conduct of European Valuation Standards and RICS. Every member of our team has the required academic proficiency and the professional experience to cope with the demands of any project.

The assessment studies - the analysis and their conclusions - are based on technical data provided by the customer, acquisition of necessary knowledge regarding the local real estate market following the accomplishment of a field investigation, and they are only valid under the assumptions and conditions mentioned.