A study on energy efficiency is an integral part for constructing a new building and for every existing building that undergoes a major refurbishment. The aim is to reduce the energy consumption of a building, to increase the commercial value of a property, to improve the quality of life and to protect the environment.

Moreover, the study on energy efficiency includes individual studies on heating, air-conditioning, use of hot water, lighting and constitutes an essential study the issuing of a building permit as it needs to be submitted to the competent planning office.

Our company employs a group of qualified energy auditors that undertake studies on energy efficiency, energetic refurbishment of new and existing buildings and who can consult every customer on energy interventions aiming to a better and energy efficient planning for your building.


The energy efficiency certificate is required for selling or renting a property, as well as after completion of the construction of a new building. The purpose of an energy efficiency certificate (PEC) is the energetic “label” of the building as it provides all necessary information for the overall energy efficiency and performance of a building.

Through this energy efficiency certificate, the owner may have an overall impression of the condition of the property and be aware of its annual operational costs.

Expertized energy auditors of our company undertake the entire process for issuing the energy efficiency certificate, including exploratory work in the property, monitoring of the heating, air-conditioning and hot water systems, taking photos on the interior and exterior of the property and collecting all supporting documents,

Additionally, during the process of issuing the PEC, the group of energy auditors provides consultancy services for efficient energy interventions depending on the needs of each building aiming to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the property and to reduce the costs of the property maintenance.