We undertake the design of residential houses, main tourist facilities such as hotels, buildings of tertiary sector such as stores and offices, but also industrial / craftsmanship buildings for many activities and production structures. The research and use of new materials - technologies is the basic principle of our office. Our designs aim to achieve quality, functionality and economy, according to our customers’ needs. Our aim is to create standard building installations which will constitute our reference points.

Residential Houses

The architectural design of residential houses is related, from the one hand, to the uniqueness of the customer, reflecting his particularities and desires, and on the other hand, to the close natural and cultural environment with which we seek to meet a synergy.

Tourist Establishments

We have the necessary technical know-how for the management of principal or non principal tourist establishments. The architectural study of hotels combines the respect to the current legislation with the integration of international standards and tendencies developed in tourism industry.


The design of office buildings aims to create a user-friendly environment in order to improve their productivity and generate a low-energy consumption place which will incorporate systems for saving, monitoring and performance assessment.


Our aim is to design a sustainable and safe installation which in combination with the economy and the speed of construction through a rational project management, would maximize your investment.


We are experts on static/ anti-seismic design and on static reinforcement of structures with reinforced concrete, structural steel, timber structures and load-bearing masonry. We have the necessary technical know-how on premium anti-seismic design, not only of ordinary buildings but also on complex constructions and infrastructures.

We aim to reinforce structures against earthquakes driven by the principle of minimizing the costs for every customer and of introducing different operation methods depending on the particular characteristics of each project such as project scale and typology.

We carry out structural resistance inspections via non-destructive tests cooperating with qualified laboratories, undertaking the schematic of the bearing elements of structures and the drafting of structural resistance study according to KAN.EPE. (Regulation for interference) and the EC8, either with elastic or inelastic analysis.


The projects on electromechanical installations constitute a principal and integral part of the construction sector. Having a group of experienced engineers of every specialization, our office is involved in all phases of a project, from the preliminary study, the study for the issuing of building permits and the technical execution studies, to the management of the constructing process, providing services for the following categories of electromechanical installations:

  • Energy audits
  • Electricity (Strong: Lighting, movement, panelboards, electric fields, Weak: Voice - data - fire detection - CCTV - wifi - internet)
  • Plumbing - Drainage - Rainwater - Pumping Stations
  • Air conditioning (Domestic air-conditioning systems, Professional air-conditioning systems (VRV), Industrial)
  • Ventilation simple or with heat recovery
  • Heating (single-pipe, two-pipes, under floor, fancoils, solar)
  • Fire protection (Fire extinguishing, Fire detection, Fire protection, Active- Passive fire protection)
  • Natural Gas


We have the experience and the appropriate equipment for executing topographic works either regarding the research level or regarding the construction level. We undertake topographic mapping both within and outside the framework of the drawings and mapping on coordinate systems (Hellenic Geodetic Reference System 1987, ΗΑΤΤ). We undertake demarcations of properties, drawing of street and building lines, correction and submission to cadastral register, submissions of objections on forest maps.