A four-star hotel at Vathy of Ithaca, with capacity of 18 rooms and 37 beds. It is about a neoclassical mansion of a total acreage of 1,300 m2, firstly constructed on 1811, which was renovated on 1999 to a boutique hotel. It overlooks the Port of Vathy with an unobstructed view.

(Architectural mappings, Authorization)


A Classic five-star hotel at Tragaki of Zante, with a capacity of 24 rooms and 49 beds. It is about a building of 2,800 m2 firstly constructed in 1984 and then it was completely renovated in 2015. It is in a prime location with a view of Ionian Sea and a surrounding area of 14 acres, a shared swimming pool of 220 m2 and 5 private swimming pools.

(Architectural study, Authorization)


A four-star hotel complex of apartments in Niforeika Achaia with a capacity of 18 apartments and 54 beds, expanding in 10 buildings of a total surface of 1,000 m2 and including a shared swimming pool of 120 m2. It is constructed in an area of 4 acres in a distance of 80 m. from the sea.

(Architectural and Static Study as well as Management, Authorization)


A complex of two hotels in Laganas of Zante, with a capacity of 80 rooms and 150 beds. It is a three-story building of acreage of 2,000 m2 with a swimming pool of 210 m2 and a second three-story building of 1,300 m2 with a swimming pool of 140 m2. The complex was constructed for the first time at the end of 70s and completely renovated in 2011.

(Architectural Study and Management, Static and Electromechanical Installations, Authorizations)