The project concerns the renovation of a ground floor commercial building in which two food retail companies are co-located; AB Vassilopoulos SA of the multinational Dutch food retail company Ahold Delhaize Group, and Carna Quality Meat, Local Meat Market Chain. The ground floor building was initially constructed in 1992, and renovated in 2020 in its interior and exterior surfaces, installations and equipment. It has a total area of 800 sq.m. on a plot of 1,800 sq.m. and is located on the National Road Patras – Athens, in the area of Kotroni of the Municipality of Patras. It consists of product showrooms, offices, staff areas and open parking spaces.

(Study of Architectural, Electromechanical Installations, Project Management)


Industrial Building Complex for Processing and Packaging of Medical, orthopedic and Prapharmaceutical Products. Completed in 2018, it has a total area of 1,300 sq.m. and is located on a plot of 1,800 sq.m. at the location “Agios Georgios Rion”, of the Local Community of Rion, of the Municipality of Patras. The complex includes offices, hospitality areas, underground and above ground loading and unloading ramps.

(Study of Architectural, Static and Electromechanical Installations, Project Management)


Two-storey Industrial Building with Basement for Processing and Packaging of Primary Sector Products. Built in 2006, it has a total area of 4,500 sq.m. and is located on a plot of 12,500 sq.m. at the location “Rachi or Katsimbali or Papapletsa”, of the Local Community of Exochiko, of the Municipal Unit of Filiatra, of the Municipality of Trifylia. It has 199,60kW machine power, offices, hospitality areas, biological cleaning, underground and above ground loading and unloading ramps.

Topographic & Architectural Mappings, Static and Electromechanical Installation


The project concerns the construction of a complex of industrial buildings and greenhouses in the location of “Droseli”, of the Local Community of Areti, of the area of Lehena, of the Municipality of Andravida-Killini. The complex is to be constructed on plot of ​​85.331,80m2. It will consist of an industrial building with offices, warehouses and areas for processing and production of pharmaceutical cannabis, with a total coverage of 2627,20 sq.m. and a mechanical floor of 2.236,63 sq.m., an industrial building/energy center of ​​total surface of 757,08 sq.m., a guard building of ​​23.64 sq.m., greenhouses of an area of ​​15.400sq.m. for the planting and development of sativa variety cannabis and a greenhouse of 1.400sq.m. with irrigation pump areas and watering tanks.

(Study and Management of Architectural, Static and Electromechanical Installation)


An industrial complex of buildings located on the 34Α block of Patras Industrial Zone urban planning. It consists of three main buildings and secondary facilities of a total area of 8.100m2 and it is situated on a plot of 22.000 m2. It has a modern production line for olivepomace oil and pyrroloxyl.

(Architectural and Static Study and Management, Authorizations)


An complex of municipal buildings covering a total surface of 2,000 m2, located on a land of 9,200 m2 on the Akti Dymeon Avenue. It has been characterized as an artwork by the Ministry of Culture because of its great morphological interest. It constitutes an architectural masterpiece of its kind and of the industrial architecture of the last century. It is of significant importance to the study of the history of architecture of the area of Patras. The place will be dedicated to encourage and facilitate community development through arts, culture and city’s carnival heritage by creating a visible presence for community cultural activities and contributing to the enlivening of the city’s waterfront core.

(Architectural Mappings, Architectural prefeasibility study )


An industrial complex of chemical and pharmaceutical products manufacturing. It consists of 5 buildings covering a total surface of 11,000 m2 and it is located on a land of 31,000 m2 in the city block 1 of Patras planning. It is one of the most developing industrial enterprises in the field of peptides, amino acids and active pharmaceutical products manufacturing.

(Study and Management of Architectural, Static and Electromechanical Installation, Authorizations, Construction)


A three-story building, with a partial basement, that is hosting in its basement and ground-floor an aluminum production industry, with the upper floors hosting the administration offices. It covers a surface of 1,300 m2 with double height spaces and an inner courtyard crossing the interior volume of the building towards its fitting.

(Static Study and Management)


A complex of two buildings, under construction, which are in contact and occupy the entire 218 city block of the Patras town planning, facing the Othonos-Amalias Avenue. It concerns a two-story building with a basement and an upper room in recess, a four-story building with basement and the 3rd floor in recess. They cover a surface of 3,000 m2 and they were constructed in 30s by a company entitled “Pronomiouxos Anonimos Etairia Genikon Apothikon tis Ellados” (Π.Α.Ε.Γ.Α.Ε.). During 60s, these buildings became property of the National Bank of Greece.

(Topographic Mapping, Study and Management of Architectural and Electromechanical Installations, Static Reinforcement – Static Management)


Extension of the existing industrial building with offices, manufacturing rooms and storage rooms. The offices and the restaurants are located in the ground-floor and the two upper floors, the remaining spaces of the building are used as storage rooms and they are located in the basement and the ground-floor of the building. Following its extension, the building is covering an area of 3,000 m2.

(Study on Energy Efficiency)